Getting Certified as a Personal Trainer is only the first step if you want to succeed in your Fitness Business. Finding clients especially for a new trainer may be difficult.

However by following proven systems, and using simple but effective strategies you can grow your clientele so you are solidly booked on a consistent basis in no time flat. This is a serious opportunity for a select few individuals to radically transform their fitness business.

If you have just completed your Cert III and / or Cert IV and are a newbie to the fitness industry and don't know where to start then this mentoring program is for you...


This is a true, uncut live testimonial from
one of my students.

Paul Marsh - Padstow, Sydney NSW - Ph: 0430317830

Hi Everybody, my name is Robbie Bugo and I run a very successful Personal Training Business ( despite my short comings.

I dropped out of school in year 10. I was a shy and introverted short kid growing up who was too scared to chase his dreams till about 8 years ago. I am not well spoken, I did not go to Uni, I was not academic in any way in fact I hated school, I hated selling, I never use to feel comfortable in big groups, would never ever comprehend public speaking and I came from a very restricted and suppressed childhood. But I loved SPORT and I loved HELPING PEOPLE!

I made so many mistakes starting out and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt is that the cost of ignorance is always more than the cost of education. What I would have given to know the information I know now 10 years ago.

What I do know is through my shortcomings have come some serious learnings. I got good at things. I tested, I broke things down, I now see things that others miss, I have a knack of succeeding at anything I put my mind to, I study and I innovate. And most of all I produce results. I'm here to offer my knowledge, expertise and systems which have made me and all the people who have come through my program very successful in a very short amount of time as a Personal Trainer. If your dream is to one day create your own fitness empire then read on...


Personal Trainer Mentoring Program

Here is what you'll learn and some components of the program:

  • Where to go from now when you have just got certified as a Personal Trainer and how to get there. I've been in your shoes! I tell you exactly what to do. This is a true hands-on experience full of business-transforming techniques.
  • How to Start your first day on the job. From Prospecting to Consultation to Complimentary to Presentation and finally to Paying Client. Never again will you be left standing in the corner of the gym thinking "WHAT DO I DO NOW?
  • Learn the Profession of Personal Training. Not just how to train people.
  • Your very own presentation folder with your credentials, forms, paperwork, policies, price list etc. This is your secret weapon when trying to get new clients.
  • How to use your Diary properly. This may sound trivial, but your diary is absolutely one of your greatest weapons if utilised correctly.
  • Face to Face Coaching in a small group environment at my private studio. You'll have all my High-End Expertise at your Fingertips
  • Critique Sessions on Training and Selling your Services
  • Lessons on human behavior and belief systems (this is crucial)
  • Clear and Simple instructions that you can implement immediately and taught in a realistic, easy to understand way
  • Strategies on how to get clients and grow your client base
  • How to Sell your services to all types of Clients
  • How to Sign Up Clients properly and professionally
  • How to Set out a specific individual client training schedule
  • How to Train your clients in all environments and scenarios
  • How to Act and Speak to gain credibility and market yourself for success
  • Exercise Critique and Technique Training
  • How to Program Homework for your Client
  • How to Design an appropriate Client Cardio Program
  • How to conduct a Fitness Assessment
  • 10 hours total covered over 4 weeks (1 day per week - 2.5 hours)

If you implement all the strategies and techniques I teach you, you will make in excess of 10 times the price of this course. If you implement 50% of these strategies you make a minimum of 5 times what you paid for this course. And if you only implement 25% of these strategies you will still make at least double of what you paid for this course. This is a cannot lose. It’s an absolute investment in your fitness future.

In most if not all fitness clubs, studios and health facilities 80% of the money made is made by only the top 3-7 trainers of those clubs. Meaning if a club has 20 trainers, only the top few are building successful, robust fitness businesses. The rest are failing miserably. That’s why the average life-span of a full time PT is only 2 years. I've seen so many Personal Trainers having to go back to working "normal" jobs it's not funny. One thing you'll find out quite early is that it's pretty HARD TO GET CLIENTS. And it's even HARDER TO RETAIN CLIENTS. Throw in cancellations, no shows, people ripping you off, constantly having to renew packages, the split shifts, gym rent and an overall lack of support and you'll soon discover that it's not as easy as it looks. Personal Trainers just don’t have the resources or “street smarts” to gain control over these circumstances.

In this program we ‘spoon-feed’ you through the entire process step by step. With these tools you will be in that top category and so much better equipped to handle all of the above issues. Then you can get back to what you do best and that is HELPING PEOPLE.

Working hard is a prerequisite in any business venture and if you are not the type to take action and take responsibility then this program is definitely not for you.

But if you want to learn what it takes to succeed from a very successful personal trainer. Be “Spoon-Fed” the exact processes and systems that produce dependable results. Learn to be “Street Smart” not “Book Smart” in the fitness industry and invest in a program which will reveal exactly what it’s like “in the trenches” then this could be the best investment of your life. I absolutely refuse to be average and after this mentorship program with me you can expect to succeed.

I have literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on CD's, DVD's, Manauls, Seminars, Courses, Tape Programs and Mentorship Programs over the past 10 years. You can say I've learnt a thing or two. I just want you to understand that this program is just not based on my experience as a Personal Trainer.

Here's pictures of some the courses and programs I've been through


This is an exclusive program and you will need to meet certain criteria to be accepted. Previously, this type of mentorship was only available to my apprentices who signed a one year contract with me and who paid me a small fortune to learn all my secrets. But what I found is that they became so successful, so quickly that they wanted to go on their own before the contract had finished. That is why I'm offering this exclusive opportunity.

REAL mentoring can literally change your life in an INSTANT. If you want to kick start your personal training career and learn from my mistakes then email your interest here

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